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How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval with Blogspot

Read How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval with Blogspot. You must do these Recommended Steps Before Applying for Google AdSense from Blogger.  All wants to monetize and Make Money with Google AdSense as they pay very high CPC which is also known as Cost per click for each and every clicks. But getting Google AdSense Account Approval is beyond our thinking but not impossible to get blogger AdSense Approval. When we apply for Google AdSense we always get rejected for some reason(s). That time is very hard to pass and we think about How to get the Google AdSense Account Approval?

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval with Blogspot
How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval with Blogspot

Easy Google AdSense Approval

As you all know Google AdSense is the best known for the high paying CPC for each and every click and that’s the reason all wants to get Google AdSense Account Approval. Most of the people fails to get approval from Google AdSense but that is not the end of your dream. If you have a content rich blog website or have a rich traffic you can monetize your blog website with other Best Google AdSense Alternatives. And if you want to get Approval Account you can use the Hosted Accounts to apply for Google AdSense. Google works with products like Blogger and YouTube and you can Apply for Google AdSense for easy approval with these products. In this post I am focusing only on Blogger blogspot.

Easiest Way to Get Google AdSense Account Approval

Blogger is the best and the easiest way to get Google AdSense Account Approval. Blogger is a blogging platform which is owned by Google. Even I get AdSense account Approval with Blogger. You can also use blogger as a way to AdSense.

How to Get Blogger AdSense Approval Easily

Follow these steps to get Google AdSense Account Approval and get blogger AdSense Approval.

1. Create a Blogger Blog

The first step is to create a blogger blog. Using Blogger is simple and it is absolutely free of cost which means you don’t have to pay for Web Hosting or any Privacy Protection. You will get unlimited bandwidth with 15 GB free storage space which is best among the other Free Best Blogging Platforms. To begin with blogger you have to Create a new Blogger Blog.

2. Write Unique Content

For getting AdSense approval you must have to write unique and content rich articles in your blog. Write minimum 15 to 25 post with only common 10 to 15 labels. This will help you to build a structured blog and it may avoid rejection of your AdSense Application. Make it sure that you are writing unique content in your blog.

3. Write Some Important Pages

Before applying for AdSense you must have to create some important pages. For example:

  • About Us Page : In this page you can write something about you and its all up to you what you want to write about yourself to connect with the viewers of your blog so that they can know who is the owner of the blog and may be they will follow you.
  • Privacy Policy Page : In this page you have to write about what personal information you store or save. Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, not limited to but including name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, etc you can read more about Privacy policy.
  • Contact Us Page : Contact Us page is very important as if someone wants to contact you they can easily contact you with the help of Contact Us Page. In blogger, there is a Gadget of Contact Us but it cannot be added on a page body. You can use FoxyForm which I like the most. It’s easy to use and implement the code in your Contact Us page
  • Disclaimer Page : A disclaimer is generally any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. Read more about Disclaimer.
Write Some Important Pages for google adsense approval
Write Some Important Pages for Google Adsense Approval

4. Get Organic Traffic

It is most important key point that after writing articles or posts you must have to get Organic Traffic which means that your visitors should be referred from a Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Your chances of getting Google AdSense Account approval is also depends on how much you are getting organic traffic from search engines. So for getting Indexed on the most popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo you have to Submit sitemaps. For getting organic traffic from Google Search engine you have to Submit Sitemap to the Google Webmaster Console Tools and if you want to get Indexed in the Bing & Yahoo search result you must have to Submit sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools .

Get Organic Traffic like Google
Get Organic Traffic like Google

5. Get your Blog Report

It is very important to know that how much visitors you are getting on your blog. In blogger Dashboard you can see the stats of your blog but you must have to link your blog with Google Analytics. Earlier, I discussed about Adding Google Analytics Tracking Code in your Blogger. So after some days , when you get some organic Traffic like around 30-50 visitors you can Apply for Google AdSense.

Know your Analytics Report for your website
Know your Analytics Report for your website

6. Increase Page views and Share Posts

You can read my article 7 ways to Increase Pageviews and Visitors on your Blog . In this post you can know some easy tricks which can help you to increase your blog pageviews and visitors. Always share your blog post in Google+ which will surely Index in Google Search Engine. I will not merge that post in this you must read that post to Increase Pageviews and Visitors.

7. Get your AdSense Account Approval

After doing all these easy things you can Apply for Google AdSense. But remember you have to Sign up directly from the Blogger Dashboard. Go to your blogger dashboard & Select Earnings. If the Button “Apply now” is clickable you can Sign up from there. If the Button is not clickable you have to wait for some days and work on Visitors and writing Original post. When clicked, wait for the mail from there End.  It’s all up to your Content but usually all blogs gets approval and many not for some reason(s). You can read again what you have to do to Get Google AdSense Account Approval:

  1. Create a Blogger Blog
  2. Write Unique Content
  3. Write Some Important Pages
  4. About Us Page
  5. Privacy Policy Page
  6. Contact Us Page
  7. Disclaimer Page
  8. Get Organic Traffic
  9. Get your Blog Report
  10. Increase Page views and Share Posts
  11. Get your AdSense Account Approval

That’s All. All comments are most welcome if you are rejected please comment the reasons below. Thank You also don’t forget to share this post.

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