How to stop bidvertiser for mobile redirecting
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How to Stop Bidvertiser for Mobile Redirects on Smartphone Mobiles

As Google already restricted webmasters for indulging in the practice of Sneaky Mobile Redirects you should not do Mobile Redirects for mobile users. In my earlier post I already discussed about What is Sneaky Mobile Redirects and How to Resolve It. If you are a publisher and monetize your site with Bidvertiser then this post is absolutely for you. Bidvertiser…

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What is Sneaky Mobile Redirects and How to Resolve it, A Complete Guide
BidVertiser, Blogger, Google Webmaster Tools, SEO

What is Sneaky Mobile Redirects and How to Resolve it, A Complete Guide

Google already warned the webmasters for redirecting the users to some other content. Unwanted Mobile redirecting is mostly occurred due to the JavaScript used by publishers to monetize their site. I know you are also facing this problem after getting a mail from Google which says ‘Sneaky mobile redirects detected on your Website’. In this post you will find What you…

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Blogger Deleted your blog my blog Solved

Blogger Deleted My Blog for SPAM ? [Solved] Blogger

It’s very disappointing when you receive a mail from Blogger and open to read ‘Blogger deleted your blog for SPAM‘ its very hard and disappointing when blogger deleted your blog for SPAM. I have already told you Why Blogger is Best platform for beginners as well as for bloggers. What to do when your blogger blog is deleted by Blogger…

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How to add google analytics code in blogger
Blogger, Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to Blogger

Track and get report of your website traffic with Google Analytics. In fact it is a free service provided by Google where a webmaster or a website owner can get the detailed report of their website. In addition analytics can provide you the report like how much traffic you are getting and from where and what devices they(visitors/viewers) are using .…

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Google Webmaster Tools Search Console logo
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How Blogger Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

Is your blogger blog not showing in Search Results? Submit Sitemap of your blogger blog in Google Webmaster Tools. As I already discuss that How to create free blog with Blogger which is a free blogging platform. When you created the blog and start working on blog, sometimes it is not discoverable in popular Search Engines Like Google, Bing etc. You have…

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